Sometimes It Pays to Just Be Yourself

Good morning Boomers,

The latest addition to the ReInvention Connection is model Cindy Joseph.  Signed by the Ford talent agency after being spotted on the streets of New York, her first photo shoot was for Dolce and Gabbana.  Not bad for a 59 year old women who had just cut off the last evidence of dyed hair to embrace her gray and “let it all hang out.”  

Cindy has been in demand as a model and she’s not alone.  Ford has a division that is dedicated to providing models from the Baby Boomer generation so that advertisers can position their products to appeal to the largest consumer buying group. 

They’re not targeting Boomers because we’re on the cutting edge of technology.  They’re not chasing us because we are such slaves to fashion – or technology – or the “latest and greatest” anything.  They’re trying to attract us because we have the money to buy their stuff.  

Today’s smart companies are “following the money” and that often leads them directly to Boomer consumers.    

While not everyone has the genes to be a model (at any age), Cindy isn’t just taking advantage of her looks.  She has also started a cosmetics business to create products specifically for Boomers.  She understands the clout of our generation due to our numbers and our purchasing power and has wisely decided to try to tap into that market.   

Cindy knows that Baby Boomers won’t be hitting the rocking chairs anytime soon. As we continue to contribute, to buy, to explore, and to create the lives that we desire by taking advantage of opportunities as they arise, smart entrepreneurs of any age will continue designing Boomer specific marketing and keep using Boomer models in their ads.  

You can check out her video at



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