Is It Time To “Hire Yourself”?

Hello Boomers,

The most recent story of Re-Invention comes from Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs David Geyra and Daniel Rush.  They remind us that the knowledge, skills, insights, and experiences of our long careers can provide the tools that we need to recognize a niche, solve a problem, or fill a need – and earn a living.

Hire Yourself!

We are Baby Boomers who worked for a company that was hit hard by the latest recession. Just like so many others over 55, we soon found ourselves on the outside looking in and we both had to find new jobs. Like millions of other Baby Boomers we found obstacles that were very difficult to surmount.

Relevant experience wasn’t a problem. With our information technology backgrounds, web development experiences, and online marketing skills, we both felt we were marketable. But being in our 50’s and 60’s meant that being highly experienced with extremely up-to-date and marketable skills wasn’t enough. We would need to compete with millions who were also well qualified, over 55, and unemployed.

Like other Baby Boomers, we would need to find that proverbial needle in a haystack: an IT and Web-based company that was Boomer Friendly, a company that sought both talent and experience regardless of age, a company that didn’t mind hiring people over 55 who were getting the AARP Magazine! Alas, there were not many such employers on the horizon so instead of sending out resumes and waiting for responses, we decided to hire ourselves.

We believe that a key to success for anyone over 55 is to keep abreast of what’s happening in your industry. We join industry associations and keep aware of what’s happening in the market. When we notice a trend, we ask ourselves how we can take advantage of it. Sometimes just noticing trends and realizing how they apply to a specific market is the first step to creating a new business. Our previous experience in the Gift, Loyalty and Rewards program industry helped us recognize an opportunity caused by the recession. 

Baby Boomers are starting businesses at a growing rate. Whether out of desire or necessity, the largest generation is embracing entrepreneurism. For new business owners, the most difficult task is securing customers. The key to success is maintaining that relationship once established. Yet only major chains and national retailers were able to offer loyalty, rewards and gift programs to their customers because no one in the Gift, Loyalty and Rewards program industry had developed cost-effective programs for small businesses. We knew we could fill a need for the many new entrepreneurs who were eager to reward, and keep, their new customers and so Plastic Card City was born.

Plastic Card City is a full-service provider of card printing and production management services to companies in the hospitality, healthcare, technology, retail, transportation, recreation, fund-raising, vacation, advertising and many other industries. We are dedicated to delivering the most cost-effective product without compromising quality or delivery requirements. We print all of our cards in the U.S.A. For more information, please visit our web site:


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