Boomers Mean Business

Some 10,000 Baby Boomers will turn 65 every day for nearly the next two decades.  Wow!  What an opportunity for business.  All of those aging Boomers will need lots of products and services.  Some Boomers will become entrepreneurs.  We will share some of their stories through The Re-Invention Connection.  Watch for their stories here or at

The majority of Baby Boomers are not yet retirement age and will likely continue to seek employment.  Yet all too many have already been effectively retired due to attitudes about their value to businesses as employees.  We have cited the statistics, we have debunked the negative perceptions and inaccurate stereotypes.  Yet the struggle continues and the situation is not much improved.  

Baby Boomers are not alone in the struggle to secure employment as the economy stubbornly fails to add enough new jobs.  Businesses continue to stall as too few buyers purchase their products and services.  Adding more jobs will require growing demand but can that occur while the largest generation continues to suffer very long-term unemployment, while ageism continues to grow in the workplace? 

Marketer’s have always loved Baby Boomers because of their purchasing power. Businesses continue to create and market products and services of interest to us because statistics show our households each spend an average of $10,000 more per year than any other age group. 

Yet, surprisingly, today’s businesses somehow think Boomer buying habits are sustainable even as they are seen as less desirable employees. Long-term, pervasive Boomer joblessness continues to negatively impact the discretionary spending habits of the largest, most consistent group of über spenders in the marketplace. It’s scary that businesses cannot see the connection.

We believe that Boomers can help change this by actively seeking out and supporting companies that actively recruit and hire Boomers. What if millions of Baby Boomers supported such Boomer Friendly business’s with their purchasing power?  Those businesses would not only survive, they would thrive and grow to create more jobs which would help every generation.  

We will continue to search for and highlight Boomer Friendly businesses at so you can support them with your purchasing power. Money is the lifeblood of any business. They need it and Boomers have it. But if no one will hire Boomers, it won’t be long before Boomers have nothing left to spend.

If you are an employer, hire some Boomers.  Gain the benefit of their experience, their work ethic, their skills, their knowledge.  Gain the benefits of growing the purchasing power of the largest generation of consumers.

If you are a Boomer, become a smarter consumer by seeking out and supporting Boomer Friendly Businesses.  Ask if they actively recruit and hire Boomers.  You might not like the answer – yet. But if you don’t ask, they won’t understand that Boomers are watching, that Boomers are still the best market they have, and that Boomers mean business – in more ways than one.


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