A Re-Invention Connection

Good morning Boomers,

I caught an interview with the First Lady on the Today show this morning as she was talking about the need to constantly re-tool, re-educate, re-invent.  She commented that the jobs we used to do aren’t coming back.  

Springsteen said the same thing years ago.  The employment landscape has long been changing.  Ask those whose jobs were impacted by that “giant sucking sound” when Nafta changed their world.  The only thing that’s new are the many sales, service and administration jobs that have now disappeared too.  

We can wail and gnash about how horrible big business is – how they have ruined the country by going elsewhere to produce the low-cost products that we all want to buy – or we can get to our local community college, start a business, morph into something new, or recycle the old.

All very serious stuff and perhaps daunting.  While we know that we need to change to become what employers want and need today, the question for many is “What do they want?”  Even if we all discover the answer and get retrained, there still will not be enough jobs for everyone who wants one.   

We need innovation, new inventions, and new ideas. We need entrepreneurs.  Although some may find the research surprising, the group that continues to start the most new businesses, that continues to be at the forefront of innovation and invention is Baby Boomers.

So for all of you Boomers who remain unemployed, who haven’t found an employer who wants what you have to offer, perhaps the question you should be asking is “What will someone buy from me?”  

Think about what you can do that would be valuable to someone who is older, to someone who is busier, to someone who lives too far away from loved ones to help them, or to someone who wants to stay informed, stay involved, stay connected.  

Perhaps for some Boomers, the answer will lie within.  The largest “problem” as we continually hear it is the vast ocean of aging Baby Boomers.  Let’s face it.  As we grow older we are going to need help doing all kinds of things.

We will demand innovation because we always have.  We will want what is new and what is better because… well… because we are Baby Boomers.  Why would we change now?    

From transportation to housing options, from home maintenance to housekeeping, from health care to pet care, we will want and need it all.  The list is almost endless.  So are the opportunities.

We will expect these services and options to be cost-effective and widely available.  Think of the number of entrepreneurs we will require to service all 76 million of us as we grow old, then older.  We have just begun to turn 65.  We will continue to turn 65 for the next 18 years.  The opportunities for entrepreneurs are enormous.

Think about services that you can provide and that will appeal to the growing group of older Americans who will want or will need help with a wide variety of tasks.   Think about innovative products and services that will help us stay fit, active, independent and engaged as we age. Discover how you can recycle yourself to appeal to your massive, ageing generation.  

We are creating a “Re-Invention Connection” for Boomer entrepreneurs to share their stories with other Baby Boomers.  To participate, use the contact form found on our website ( www.myboomer2boomer.com). 

We will highlight some stories of innovative Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs and profile some businesses on our website which is designed to showcase Boomer Entrepreneurs and to help Baby Boomers find Boomer Friendly employers, products, and services.   

In the meantime, here is a video of one gray-haired Baby Boomer successfully recycling. Enjoy!  http://dalesdesigns.net/rock-on.htm


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