Take Our Boomer Poll, And Take It Often

Good morning Boomers,

One of the things we talk about a lot at www.myboomer2boomer.com  is getting companies and marketers to take notice of our generation and focus on bringing Boomer Friendly products and services to market.  

Now thanks to a nifty little polling widget that we’ve added to our site, you can tell marketers and companies what you like and what you don’t like.  There is no better way to find out what customers will buy than to ask them. 

With the addition of the new polling box, you can weigh in on a variety of topics.  The list changes constantly so visit often to weigh in on how producers can better earn more of your Boomer Bucks. 

The polling box is at:  http://www.myboomer2boomer.com/boomernewsnetwork.html.  We can’t expect businesses or marketers to read our minds.  We must tell them what we want and need. 

Once they know, we can expect them to respond.  When they do, we can help drive the economy back to health with our massive purchasing power.  

But let’s not forget that a good job is a requirement before any consumer will spend.  If they want us to buy, they need to hire us.  So don’t forget to ask, “Are You Boomer Friendly?”   We will continue to do our part.  We hope you will too.  



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