Our Boomer Friendly Pro’s Can Help

Good morning Boomers,

One of the goals of www.myboomer2boomer.com is to use our sheer Baby Boomer numbers as a tool to gain an advantage in the marketplace.    

How will we do that?  By reminding businesses that unless they provide products and services that we want and need and offer jobs to unemployed Boomers, massive amounts of money will continue to elude cash registers all across the country.  

One of the reasons our economy continues to struggle to recover is that Boomers have stopped spending money and have started saving more…much, much more.  Why?  Because far too many of those same businesses have decided that we are no longer valuable workers and have cut us loose in massive numbers.  Even when they have openings, they often refuse to hire older workers.

The result is more Boomers with fewer resources spending far less.  We are still THE largest consumer cohort and we USED to spend an average of $10,000 more per year on consumer goods than any other group.  It doesn’t take a genius to understand that too many long-term unemployed Boomers equals more misery for the economy.

Boomers need jobs if they are to help drive our economy and we have assembled many pro’s who can help you find your next career.  Some of our listed Boomer entrepreneurs can help you craft the perfect resume.  Some will help you develop your own personal brand so you can stand out from the crowd of other applicants. 

Others can work with you to develop better networking skills so you can find the hidden job market in your area of expertise.  And some can help you be better prepared for those interviews and improve your negotiation skills for when you get a job offer. 

We even have listed Boomer entrepreneurs who can help you perfect your public speaking skills, learn better business communication tactics, and make you shine.  Some will help you revamp your image and your wardrobe to help keep you looking current.  After all, you really want to project a professional and energetic image to that next 30 something hiring manager who interviews you for a position for which you are more than qualified.

So if you are unemployed and have been for a while, if you are spinning your wheels and feeling frustrated with your lack of success in your job search, please check out our many qualified Boomer Friendly pros who can help.  You will find them listed by category in the drop down menu at http://www.myboomer2boomer.com/ProductsandServices.html.  Tell them we sent you.


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