Find Boomer Friendly Employers By Looking In The Right Places

Good morning Boomers,

I spent some time Friday looking at the jobs “for older workers” listed on a very big job board.  I won’t mention the board because I think they have good intentions and are not dismissive of older workers.  They just don’t seem to have any participating quality employers who are serious about recruiting older workers.

What a shame.  The jobs were all “work from home” jobs.  You know the type.  “Make money from home!”  “Customer Service Representative!”  “Telemarketer!”  “Answer On-Line Surveys!”  Unfortunately, many believe that such positions are all that is suitable for us, for you.  What do you think?

There were several pages of such listings.  If you are an older worker who is starting to believe that such jobs are the only things available for you, you haven’t seen every board that serves the older worker.  Please visit and take a look at some of the positions available at JobsOver50. 

When I checked them out this morning, there were over 100 jobs listed for the mature worker just in my area.   They were real jobs with real companies that are actively seeking and recruiting older workers. 

If you want to pursue positions where your age won’t be a deterrent, I hope you will consider visiting our site and checking out some of the quality job boards dedicated to helping older workers find their next position. 


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