What Does The Donald Know That Others Don’t?

Hello Boomers,

It seems that the fall season of the Apprentice will include some, if not all, unemployed candidates.  I know that not everyone is a fan.  Not everyone likes The Donald.  But you must admit, he is taking a stand by putting his faith in the abilities of unemployed contestants to ultimately meet his organizational needs.  And why shouldn’t he?

You know the unemployed.  They are the people who until two years ago were producing, were driving business, were performing great customer service, were bringing value to shareholders.

You know the unemployed.  They are the people who have mostly been shed because of the economy, due to outsourcing, due to mergers, etc.  They are not the employees (for the most part) that were on corporate radar screens as poor achievers, as under-performers, as deadwood needing to be trimmed.

You know the unemployed.  They are the ones who are all too often overlooked by companies who have an “unemployed need not apply” attitude.  They are the ones who can’t get past the computer models, who can’t get past the recruiters, who can’t even get their resumes in front of hiring managers.  

You know the unemployed.  They have been through the grieving process.  They have come out on the other side with renewed hope, with renewed energy, with renewed drive. 

They also have renewed expectations.  They know that wages will be lower, that titles will not be so lofty, that perks will be few.  They also know that responsibilities will be broader and the work load heavier.  Still they try.  Still they apply.  Still they hope.

And now  the unemployed can thank Donald Trump.  Because if anybody can convince corporate America that they are wrong to dismiss the unemployed, it is he. 

As one of the most successful, most visible, sometimes most flamboyant, and always most well-known CEO’s in the country, his faith in the abilities, the drive, and the hunger of the unemployed may just be the wake up call that convinces the rest of corporate America to give the unemployed a fighting chance.


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