Any Port In A Storm

Good Morning Boomers,

I saw this video and it made me realize that the unemployed share many of the traits of this desperate single penguin being chased by relentless, hungry whales.

Bills come due.  Collectors call.  Your kids are hungry.  You’re hungry.  Some days you feel as though everyone is after you and there is nowhere  to turn.  Just like this penguin, you are swimming as hard and as fast as you can but things aren’t getting any better.  The situation looks hopeless.

You have tried and tried.  You have applied to everything that moves in your field, in the area where you have always been comfortable.  You have sent out hundreds of resumes, you have called everyone who might be able to help you land a job in your old industry.  

Well, just like the penguin in this video, you are swimming in dangerous waters.  The job you had, the one you felt most comfortable with, the one that paid you nice wages, the one you would like to go back to is likely no longer available.  You are under siege due to a lack of income, rising bills, shrinking resources, etc.  Like the penguin, it appears that you’re doomed.  

Then the penguin does something quite unexpected, something totally against his nature.  He steps outside of his comfort zone and takes a leap of faith.  He tries the unthinkable.  He does something that no one expects him to do and lands in a place he never expected to be.  

It is new, unfamiliar and perhaps equally frightening to the penguin.  He doesn’t know if he will be safe, if he will thrive or even survive.  His troubles aren’t over, the whales still lurk.  But any port in a storm, right? 

Is this a metaphor for your job search?  Is it time for you to try something new too, to step outside of your comfort zone, to take something less than ideal so you and your family can survive? 

Check out the video at:


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