Sign The Petition!

Hello Boomers,

Are you tired of companies refusing to consider unemployed applicants for their open positions?  Do something about it by going to to sign a petition.  It’s time to tell our government, our Representatives, and our President that it’s time for this to change. 

Our state and local leaders often opened OUR wallets to lure businesses that promised jobs.  Fool us once, shame on you.  Fool us twice, shame on US.  Ask your leaders to hold companies accountable when they seek taxpayer handouts.  Companies that refuse to hire the unemployed should be denied future subsidies.  Those who have already taken taxpayer help should be forced to repay those funds unless they agree to hire unemployed citizens.    

One argument is: “Passive” candidates are better because they still have jobs while unemployed candidates aren’t as good.”  We find it incredible that anyone could seriously believe that every unemployed person was severed because of poor performance.  

Another argument is: “When we hire a passive candidate an unemployed candidate eventually gets a job somewhere down the line.”   Maybe.  But if the passive candidate policy has spread, the unemployed will wait months or even years for an opportunity. 

Wait as passive candidates negotiate better packages by playing one employer against the other.  Wait as “unemployed need not apply” recruitment and hiring processes drag on for weeks, perhaps months.   As each employer steals another passive candidate and as the process is played out over and over again, the unemployed become overqualified and too highly paid for the jobs that remain.  Employers then decline to hire them because they fear they will leave as soon as they can to find a better opportunity.  Does this sound familiar?

It’s well past time to put the unemployed back to work.   When those with jobs to fill refuse to consider the unemployed, it costs us all in wages lost, in tax revenues lost, in savings lost, in purchasing power lost, in confidence lost, in recovery lost.  All of these losses add up to a sea of public and private debt and a loss of future quality of life.   I’m tired of  being on the losing end, aren’t you?  Sign the petition!


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