A Voice of Reason

Good morning Boomers,

This morning I ran across a voice of reason.  A non-Boomer who doesn’t believe that our rotten economy, our spoiled earth, our debtor future is the fault of only Boomers.

This younger person allows that his generation has made mistakes, has over consumed, has wanted it all even if they couldn’t afford it.  It was a breath of fresh air and it brought to mind a request that I received several years ago.

A soon to be Generation X college graduate was looking for her first post-college position.  She was lucky enough to be interviewed by a large corporate entity famous for high wages, lots of perks, and for promoting from within.  

The entry-level medical sales position would utilize her education while providing an income opportunity that was among the best in the sales field.  She was very interested in the position. 

This conversation took place about 7 or 8 years ago.  This young lady had no experience in sales, virtually no experience working anywhere at all.  She was about to have a fresh Master’s Degree and the company wanted her to work for them.  Sounds like a perfect match, right?  Not in her estimation.

You see, the employer was only offering her a starting salary of $50,000 plus a car, plus benefits, plus an uncapped bonus opportunity.  She thought she should be offered at least $70,000.  She thought that her Master’s Degree should be worth at least that much.

She asked me (I was in the industry) about starting wages for someone with no experience in the field.  She obviously didn’t believe my answer because she refused the job to hold out for more salary.  

Perhaps she ultimately found an employer so enamored by her degrees that her inexperience was ignored and she got the wages she desired.  Or perhaps she  became more realistic and snapped up the next great opportunity she was offered.  I hope so.  

I bring up this tale to highlight that no single generation holds the exclusive patent on unrealistic expectations, on reaching too high, on living beyond their means, or of wanting more.  The writer of this article makes the case quite eloquently.  He shares the warts and he shares the blame.  http://tinyurl.com/2bpof9c


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