Boomer Test

Hello Boomers, 

Thanks to CT2 for sharing much of this.  

Speaking to a young person is often a history lesson that evokes as many memories as laughter. 

Question to Boomer:   “What was your favorite fast food when you were growing up?

Boomer answer:  We didn’t have fast food when we were growing up.  All food was slow.   Eventually we had McDonalds, then Burger King, maybe the local drive-in, but that was about it.  

Question to Boomer:  Seriously.  Where did you eat?

Boomer answer:  At a place called home.  We ate as a family.  Mom, dad, brothers and sisters all sitting together sharing dinner, repeated every night of the week, every week of the year.  If I didn’t like what was served, I got to sit there until I did.  When I was done, I needed permission to leave the room.  Then I had to do the dishes – by hand.

Other Boomer memories:  Some of our parents never owned their house.  Many never set foot on a golf course, never wore Levis.  Heck, some of our mothers never wore pants at all.  

Most of our parents never left the country, never owned a credit card unless it was a department store card with revolving credit.  That meant you could only shop there and you had to pay up soon or your shopping days were over at that store. 

Our parents didn’t drive us everywhere.  Many of them never drove us anywhere.  We walked, took a bus, or rode our bikes which had balloon tires and one speed – slow.  

Many of us had TV but it was black and white and we kids took the place of a remote control.  The 3 stations (if you were lucky) signed off at midnight and didn’t come on again until morning just in time for the farm report.    

Most of us had phones.  They were in the kitchen where everyone could hear your conversation.  Many were “party lines”.  The other parties could hog the line for hours at a time and all you could do was wait, or listen in.  

Pizza wasn’t delivered.  Milk and newspapers were and you could buy cool cleaning implements from the Fuller Brush man when he came to the door. 

Movies weren’t rated.  They didn’t need to be.  Movie stars kissed with their mouths shut and married couples slept in twin beds.  The stories were simple, the action was tame.  Everyone could watch without worrying about too much of anything bad surprising you up on the screen. 

If you want to know just how old you are, take our “Older Than Dirt Quiz”.  See how many of these Boomer things you actually remember, not the ones you just heard about.  Keep score.  At the end you’ll find out if you are older than dirt. 

1.  Blackjack chewing gum

2.  Wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water inside

3.  Candy cigarettes

4.  Pop machines that delivered glass bottled beverages

5.  Coffee shops or diners with tableside juke boxes

6.  Newsreels before the movie

7.  P.F. Flyers

8.  Butch wax

9.  TV Test Patterns after midnight sign-off until early morning

10. Peashooters

11. Howdy Doody

12. 45 RMP records

13. S&H Greenstamps

14. Hi-Fi’s

15. Metal ice cube trays with a lever to break the ice free

16. Mimeograph copies, machines, or the sound they made 

17. Blue flashbulbs

18. Packards

19. Roller skate keys

20. Cork popguns

21. Drive-in movies

22. Studebakers

23. Wringer washers

24. Barbie before Ken

25. The Lone Ranger 

Only remembered 0-5?  You’re still young.  What are you doing reading this?

Did you remember 6-10?  You are getting older, although you’re not yet older than dirt.

Did 11-15 of them ring a bell?  You still have your memory but don’t tell anyone your age.

If you remembered 16-25 you ARE older than dirt but at least you can still remember the past, even if you can’t remember what you had for dinner yesterday.  Welcome to our club.


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