Pass The Baton – Then What?

Hello Boomers,

Another request for Boomers to give-up, give-in, quit, get out-of-the-way, etc. once they reach 55+.

So let’s see if we can figure out the “solution” to fix the problem of all of us darn Boomers still in the way, still in the workplace, still taking up space.  Is the solution to retire?    Sounds nice, doesn’t it? 

But wait.  We can’t do that because that would be “sucking the country dry while producing nothing.”  So selfish.  So Boomer, right?  If we do that, we’ll break the backs of those left working as they struggle to support us while we collect our comfy, bank busting, outrageous, welfare state, ridiculously high, socially immoral, social security checks.

We can’t do that because even if we did save enough to “go it alone” for an unknown number of retirement years with the unknown costs of necessities, taxes, and health care, our nest eggs have been shredded twice during the past 10 years and our houses are now worth too little (and still sinking) to help fill the gap.  Who can afford to add to that very shaky equation by retiring way before they are ready, long before they planned?  

We can’t do that because at age 55 we still have a decade or more to work before reaching “full retirement age” and most of any funds we did set aside aren’t available to us at age 55.  We must wait until age 62 to collect a reduced amount of our promised social security (funded by our taxes for our entire working lives) and at least to age 65 to collect the full amount (unless the rules are changed on that too).

Some lucky Boomers will start receiving employer-provided pensions (if they still exist) at age 65.  Others will tap their self-funded retirement accounts (if there is anything left in them after the stock market does its magic). While some of this income can be tapped earlier, doing so severely reduces the longevity and buying power of these resources, ultimately driving more retirees to welfare sooner.   

So what is a Boomer to do?  Keep working.  Keep contributing.  Keep saving.  Keep paying taxes.  That is what will “fix” the problem of social security, of too few resources, of too many unfunded years of leisure, of too many retired and too few working.   

But wait.  I forgot.  We can’t continue to work because we are too old to hire, too old to keep, to old to train and IN THEIR WAY!  So many messengers, such conflicting advice.    So few answers, no real solutions.

We know their frustration.  We feel their pain.  After all, we were young once too.  We were ambitious and wanted to move up.  But we had to wait as those above us lingered until they were ready to retire, until they were ready to do what was right for them, for their situations, for their lives – not for ours.  We had to learn patience.  Having a tantrum didn’t help then and it doesn’t help now.


One Response to “Pass The Baton – Then What?”

  1. Debbie Says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen a site with information dedicated to work issues for boomers. I’m so glad to see this – and I hadn’t thought of unemployment as early retirement, but think you are likely correct about this in many cases.

    The ImagineAge site has some complimentary information boomers might be interested in

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