Boomers and Their “Silver Platter”


If you thought we were kidding when we mentioned some of the radical rants out there that label an entire generation as “sucking the country dry”, peruse the blog found at

This is one angry young person who feels that we are to blame for much of what ails the country and many of the hardships facing this generation and those yet to come.  There is just enough truth in the rantings to gain some sympathy until we get jettisoned into a mildly delusional, mostly angry tirade painting dire predictions of the future all caused by – you guessed it – Baby Boomers.

The latest ox to be gored is an idea to move up the retirement age – but only for those who have 20 years or more left to work.  The idea is to protect Social Security for future generations of course but this blogger sees it as more of a vast conspiracy to protect Boomers at the expense of younger generations. 

The interesting twist to the idea is to also add a litmus test of need.  No more automatic Social Security income when you get too old to work.  If you don’t need checks, you won’t get checks.  Sort of looks at SS as welfare for seniors.    

Now we know that there are lots of ideas floating around out there about how to sustain the system.  And we know that many of them are just that – ideas that have little if any chance of becoming law.  But at some point there will be some changes – perhaps massive ones – that will change the game in the future.  

No one knows that better than us Boomers because many younger people have been telling us for a while now that we are unsustainable.  Many have told us that we don’t deserve, that we can’t expect to have a “comfy existence” on the backs of the young because we overwhelm them in sheer numbers.  

The young don’t want to work to support us lazy, selfish, egocentric, economy busting, environment wrecking, home price hiking, resource squandering, Shangri-La and Garden of Eden living, silver spoon sucking Boomers.  (Oops.  Sorry, I had my own little rant there.)  

What is the answer?  There are as many ideas as there are people.  But many have already weighed in as to why some “solutions” aren’t favored.  

Raise taxes to make up for the “shortfall”?  Nope.  The young can’t afford to pay any more taxes to support geezers who are contributing nothing.  They are already at a disadvantage because we Boomers have all of the best jobs, all of the wealth, all of everything, according to them.  

Tax all wages to make the system solvent for the long-term?  Nope.  They don’t trust that it will be there for them so don’t want to pay more into it. 

But wait, wouldn’t such a tax mostly impact high wage Boomers who are still working, who have all of the best jobs, who make the highest salaries, who have all of the wealth, who have selfishly taken all of everything?  

Increase immigration so more workers pay into the system?  Nope.  Keep them out – they steal our jobs and we already don’t have enough opportunities what with all of those Boomers who refuse to retire and get out of our way.  

Change the system?  Sure but not if it impacts ME.  So now we have finally arrived at the crux of the situation – even for the younger workers who find themselves in our shadows.  

Having paid into the system for years and years, isn’t it normal to expect to collect what was promised?  Isn’t it normal to stand up for one’s self-interest, one’s economic survival when it is being threatened, especially as options and opportunities are severely reduced due to age, perhaps due to health, due to time?   We agree. 

Seems we have more in common than you thought when it comes to protecting our financial future, to getting what was promised to us.

So what is the solution?  Read all the way to the end of the subject blog to find out how this writer would deal with the problem.


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