It’s Too Late for SSP Too.

Hello Boomers!

It appears that Baby Boomers just can’t keep up in the workplace because they don’t even know their way around simple technology like Microsoft Office.  At least that is what Southernsouthpaw (SSP) writes. 

Seems SSP was at a meeting where 3 out of 5 presenters admitted to being “technically challenged”.  They needed help in starting their power point presentations.  Seems they couldn’t figure out how to “make it go”.   Seems all 3 were Boomers.

SSP began the rant.  You know the one.  It’s about how Baby Boomers haven’t kept up with technology so they shouldn’t expect to be included in today’s workplace because they can’t perform.  SSP advised us all to go back to school to remedially learn the skills required to keep us in the corporate world.  

The leap was immediate and generationally inclusive, even though SSP admitted that there are some technically challenged younger people in the workplace.  But interestingly, SSP didn’t admonish them to go back to school to “get up to speed”.  SSP didn’t claim that they, as a generation, had to “get with it” or face exclusion from today’s workplace.  I wonder why?

SSP allowed that we Boomers are at a disadvantage because unlike SSP, we didn’t have a Microsoft Office course in college.  Really?  SSP didn’t learn it until college?  Where HAS SSP been.  Sounds like SSP was a real late bloomer if SSP didn’t learn Microsoft Office until that late in life, right?   Because people just like SSP have been telling us for a while that unless we grew up with computers we couldn’t possible “catch up” or ever be techno savvy enough to compete today, right?

So if SSP didn’t learn until college how to use a computer for more than just playing video games or surfing the net, we know that it is too late for SSP too and that SSP can’t compete in today’s workplace.  SSP can’t possibly be techno savvy enough to thrive because SSP had to “remedially” learn Microsoft Office in College and didn’t soak it up when young.   We know that must be true because people just like SSP keep telling us so.  

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