Game Changers

Today we are giving a shout out to the guys at

They recently published an article about that really describes the essence of what we are trying to do. Read it at  Also check out their other great resources for Boomers thinking about retirement, planning for the day, and shopping for the best place to do that.

Until that day arrives, many Boomers have challenges to overcome.  Unemployment among our ranks is the highest it has been during our working lives and the time between jobs for many Boomers has grown well beyond 6 months. 

While the raw numbers are largest among the youngest working cohort, Boomers face the longest period of unemployment of any group – even young people.  Too many Boomers are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to get back into the “game”.

We need to change the game.  Perceptions of older workers (us) is that our skills have stagnated, that we will be hard to train, difficult to manage, too expensive in today’s market. If any of these statements describe you, then you need to change.  But often, those perceptions don’t match the reality.

Many Boomers were gainfully employed in challenging, professional, technical careers until the downturn and it is likely that they have the skills needed to fill today’s jobs.  They are obviously not “training challenged”, and are likely amenable to taking directions from those chosen to lead.  Salary expectations have gone down by now in light of the intense competition for jobs that has put intense downward pressure on wages.  

If quality skills, good attitudes, the ability to learn, and realistic wage expectations aren’t enough to get them back into the “game”, it’s no wonder that for some, time has run out and they must change their game.  Whether it’s due to having no income, due to watching their savings shrink over time, or due to an unfulfilled dream, many have decided that it’s time to start a business, time to take back some control, time to fulfill their dreams.   

We want to help them be successful.  If you know  a Boomer Entrepreneur tell them to check out myboomer2boomer.  We can profile their business to help drive attention and dollars from the largest market segment (us) toward them. 

We ask that you please try to support them too.  If you need a service, why not check out a Boomer entrepreneur?  Be a game changer in your buying habits.  Boomers could use the business. 



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