To Buy or Not To Buy…

Hello Boomers,

Long-term unemployment data paints a bleak picture.  Out of work for 6 months or more?  You have a dwindling chance of finding new employment.  The group unemployed the longest?  Those 45 and older.  Ouch!  The numbers show no signs of dropping any time soon.    

Deeper recession of a longer duration combined with rising productivity among those still working have created record numbers of unemployed, and now record numbers of long-term unemployed.   As the months of unemployment drag on,  employers believe that your skills have weakened or gone stale.   No wonder it is so hard to find a new job.

Now we have companies completely eliminating anyone who is currently unemployed without regard for anything else.  Their assumption is that if you aren’t working, you aren’t a good “catch”.  No wonder that even as the economy added nearly a million jobs, the ranks of the long-term unemployed, filled mostly with Boomers, continued to grow.  Add in a little age discrimination and voila!  The worst job market “older workers”  have seen in their lifetimes.  One can only hope that those who push these agendas will someday find themselves in a similar situation.

In the meantime, with few prospects on the horizon it is no wonder that so many Boomers are becoming entrepreneurs.  New businesses are typically the route to growing more jobs.  We will need millions of new jobs to grow our way out of this recession.  New companies that are prospering are going to be adding new employees as they grow.  Who will better remember how it felt to be unemployed, unwanted, and invisible than the Boomer who became an entrepreneur – especially if he or she had no other choice? 

There are a lot of us.  Too many have been unemployed for too long.  Most can tell stories about age discrimination while searching for new employment.  Few can talk about supporting businesses that will support them.  It is time to change that dynamic and to write a new story. 

Boomers can help themselves by supporting Boomerpreneurs and other Boomer Friendly Businesses.  Search for them, buy their products, use their services.    Ask about their “older worker” policies and practices.  If we don’t ask, they won’t know we are watching and judging their actions.  Be selective about where you spend your precious resources because they are shrinking fast.  Buy Boomer Friendly to support those who will support you.  Boomer buyers must first be Boomer hires.   Businesses shouldn’t  expect to get one without the other – especially now.


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