How NOT To Sell To Boomers

Shelly Scriba, resident writer on weighs in.

Okay, now I think I really have heard just about everything … what do you think?

Today I read about a marketing “genius” who has created a Boomer Death Count site to track the deaths of  Boomers.  One of us dies every 40 seconds it seems.  Why would someone track that?  Seems the goal is to scare Boomers into purchasing retirement plans from – you guessed it – this maven of marketing, this guru who “gets” Boomers.  

Wow, do I even need to explain this?  Probably.  So here goes.

Message to Genius, Moron, Maven, Guru, Marketer: 

Retirement plans serve to provide assets for the future.  Your brilliant idea and macabre site highlights that Boomers have very little time left.  Minute by minute you tally more dead Boomers.   Tick, Tick, Tick.   So just how will this convince Boomers to plan for a future, to save enough money to last a long time?   Do you see the flaw in your message and its delivery?  Somehow I doubt it. 





2 Responses to “How NOT To Sell To Boomers”

  1. Doris Gallan Says:

    Even if it was to sell funeral services, it still wouldn’t be the right way to sell to boomers. At this point, it’s funny because it’s so misdirected but imagine if we were older or if this was aimed at seniors — I think we’d be offended. Good commentary, thanks for posting.

  2. Sheila Dentice Says:

    It certainly is an example of a message gone awry. I know that I wouldn’t respond well to such a tactic and I imagine that many people wouldn’t.

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