Boomer Hires are Boomer Buyers!

Read some interesting statistics about Boomers…

1.  Boomer households spend an additional $10,000 more every year on consumer goods and services than their younger cohorts.

It’s no wonder that marketers seek this cohort.  Businesses want and need those Boomer Bucks – now more than ever.

2.  Boomers spend over $2.1 trillion/year of this unprecedented wealth on consumer goods and services.

Seems like Boomers are doing their part to support the economy – hope it can continue – but with Boomer unemployment, lack of job opportunities and growing ageism, that may well come to a screeching halt, increasing the timeline for economic recovery and lowering the bar for what benefits that recovery will bring.

3.  They have $28 trillion in assets and control 67% of the nation’s wealth.

Which they will sit on if they believe they won’t be able to get or keep a job that pays them enough to NOT have to suck their retirement accounts dry.

So employers and business owners, HR managers and recruiters, perhaps it is time to ask yourselves an important question:  What have I done to ensure that the group with the most to spend, the group that routinely spends the most, continues to have the ability to buy products and services?  If your answer is “Not much”, think about making some changes because one way to collectively create more Boomer Buyers is to individually make more Boomer Hires.


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