Unemployed Boomers Unemployed Longest

I read an interesting statistic about Boomers and unemployment today:  Of those who were laid off during the past 12 months, only 28% of those 55 or older have found new jobs compared to 71% of those aged 25 to 34.

There are likely many reasons for this spread between the ages.  But the fact is that the spread exists.  Boomers seem to have additional issues confronting their job searches.

There are many great resources available for job hunters but the advice can be contradictory.  We have all seen the postings on LinkedIn and read the hundreds, if not thousands, of career category articles that address whether or not one should send a cover letter, about how to lay out a resume, about whether we need an objective statement or not, about how to follow-up after an interview, about preparing our elevator speech, etc., etc., etc.  We understand that we must sell ourselves, our experiences, and our skills in order to land our next position, sometimes after having spent a lifetime moving up the ladder in the same company.

But amid all of the counseling advice, I don’t hear much talk or see many resources to help non sales people or those who have no experience in marketing anything – ever -to gain the skills and/or the confidence to competently and effectively sell themselves to a prospective employer.  

There are likely many Boomers in that 72% who are still unemployed after a year  who haven’t been successful in their job search because they don’t have the knowledge, the skills, or the confidence required to sell themselves, to help breach the gap between the self marketing required today and what worked for them before.   If you have information about such resources, or if your company can provide the tools to bridge this gap, please let me know.


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